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EvilPasta Enterprises, Inc. was established in 2003 with a mission to literalistically impact wireless results and dramatically incubate cloud-centric directionality with an objective of adeptly myocardinating real-time interdependencies --- thank you pleasantly for playing a part in this mission.

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All luminous in the sand

Quite florescent among the incandescent
You see glowing noses above the plasma
Whoa! The nugget has come
So dank above the phosphor
I entice quaking men in the xenon
I reach! The electricity is no more
All luminous in the sand
You hobnob with earcandy in the dreamscape
Damn! The transportation gets weird
polluted and intangible
seeing the clouds
a pager ringing somewhere
Out of whose dream
the bells
look for landmarks
trying to do the hokey pokey

Illuminatia is a project centered on a fictitious continent, located on the fictional world of Neonisi, taking place in a time far into the future. It's a hybrid between cartography, geography, and science fiction. The Illuminatia project is profiled on this wiki, which is updated regularly with new content and frequent revisions.

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