Not your grandma's fettuccine.
[But you wish it was]

The reason we put cheese in cheese ravioli.
How did you end up here, anyway?

Edition Z3

Evilpasta are lurking. Maybe you'll find one?

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the venerable Evil Pasta Empire

Illuminatia is a project centered on a fictitious continent, located on a fictional world, taking place in a time far into the future. It's a hybrid between cartography, geography, and science fiction. The Illuminatia project is profiled on this wiki.

Listen to a streaming phonic experience that churns out essentially whatever kind of audio it wants to inflict upon you. This is pretty severe. Be sure to listen extensively representative sample. Multiple streaming formats available.

Did you find an EvilPasta?
EvilPasta have been finding themselves lurking in some of the most unexpected places. They're proliferating and they might have invaded your general vicinity. Perhaps you found one of them. Did you? Keep your eyes peeled for a reporting mechanism right here on this site. Let EvilPasta know you found one of its minions.
is a gluten-free alternative.

Check back for more pictures of pasta noodles. Fun stuff.